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Your Second Opinion (“YSO“) is an expert outcomes auditor powered by Internet Removals, ‘The Content Removal Experts‘. At YSO, we devote our time to giving victims of online abuse a second opinion as to whether their matter has been dealt with fairly or unfairly.

The reason for YSO is simple. Too many individuals and businesses are being made to suffer damages from false online publications due to inaction from Facebook, Google, Instagram and many other platforms. As individuals, rarely do you have the power or skill to force the aforementioned publishers into removing content. Despite trying and putting forward a valid argument, a high percentage of people that place submissions are rejected without explanation.

At YSO, we are here to question these rejections – giving you an answer as to whether it was fair or unfair and calling to action the offending parties on your behalf.

No longer will victims of online abuse and damages be without a second opinion. We are here to keep record of poorly made decisions and to call out publishers where they act inconsistently with what is fair and reasonable.

If you have been a victim of online abuse, cyberbullying, revenge porn, false business reviews or anything published online that is causing you damage, speak to YSO about getting a second opinion.

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You deserve to be heard.

Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram can be a cause of major damage in your life. To make matters worse, when you tell your story and try to gain a resolution, you are treated as if you don’t matter.

We say no more! No more should you be pushed to the back of the queue or treated without care, consideration or concern.

At YSO, we are the industry voice collecting and analysing user submissions in order to determine whether you have been treated fairly or unfairly.

How it works.

1. Upload

Upload your previous submissions and supporting information.

4. Analysis

After reading through your submissions our team conduct an analysis to determine whether it was the facts of your matter or the submissions that were responsible for the particular result.

2. Initial Review

Upon receipt of your documents our team review your matter and form a determination, before reading your submissions.

5. Comparison

Upon completing our analysis, our team compare and contrast your submissions against our successful submissions, attempting to determine whether certain additions may change the outcome.

3. Submissions

After becoming familiar with your matter and forming an early conclusion, our team read and review your submissions.

6. Result

Upon reviewing your matter and submissions, conducting an analysis and comparing your submissions to ours, our team determine whether the decision was in our view, right or wrong, and we provide a recommendation as to whether we believe your matter could be successful with amendments to your submission.

Our process.

When you request a second opinion from YSO, our expert reputation analysts review your file, including any previous submissions made on your behalf.

Upon reviewing the facts of your matter and all related correspondence, we provide you with a comprehensive report outlining our view on whether the outcome provided to you was fair and reasonable or unfair and questionable.

We let noone off, holding every publisher accountable to their decisions.

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Second Opinion

It’s your chance. Be heard.

At YSO, we pride ourselves on helping you be heard. Be heard now and get in touch – we would love to hear from you and give you your chance at a second opinion.